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West Glacier RV Park & Cabins

Glacier National Park and the surrounding Flathead Valley are some of the most beautiful and remarkable travel destinations in North America – and a place we at Glacier Park Collection all call home.

Our mission is to share this inspiring destination with our guests in a respectful and responsible manner – giving our visitors the opportunity to make memories of this area that will last a lifetime. In 2019, we will have a new facility to help achieve that goal.

Currently we are in the second phase of the development of the West Glacier RV Park and Cabins site. Located on a section of land in West Glacier along River Bend Drive, and connected to the main village by a walking path, the new park is comprised of 102 RV sites and 25 guest cabins.

West Glacier will continue to be a charming and timeless gateway to Glacier National Park, and this new lodging option we know will add to the ridiculously friendly, and community based culture that makes the village such a cherished part of glacier country.

The new development will feature:

  • 102 RV Sites and 25 Guest Cabins
  • Bike and Walking Paths around the facility and into the West Glacier Village
  • Road Setbacks creating a quiet environment for guests and limiting visibility of the facility from Highway 2 and the Flathead River
  • Extensive Green Space and Tot-Lot (Playground)
  • Employee Housing

We have begun work bringing this experience to life and expect to be taking reservations for the 2019 summer season later this summer.

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