National Park Fees & Policies

Glacier Park was extablished in 1910 on the following priciples:
  • Preserve and protect natural and cultural resources unimpaired for future generations
  • Provide oppurtunities to experience, understand, appreciate, and enjoy Glacier National Park consistent with the preservation of resources "in state of nature"
  • Celebrate the ongoing peace, friendship, and goodwill among nations, recognizing the need for cooperation in a world of shared resources (1932 international peace park legislation)

Entrance Fees

7-Day Vehicle Permit

  • Summer Rate-$25 ($30 starting May 2016) May 1-October 31
  • Winter Rate-$20 November 1-April 30

7-day Single Entry Permit-per person fee for visitor traveling on foot or bicycle

  • Summer Rate-$12 ($15 starting May 2016)
  • Winter Rate-$10
Annual Pass $35 ($45 starting January 2016)