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Tiny Homes at St. Mary: A contemporary take on Montana style

When the Great Northern Railway established the St. Mary Chalet just east of Glacier National Park in 1912, their aim was to create a destination camp—a rustic community or village that would serve as base for exploring the east side of the park. The village at St. Mary is rooted in that community feel. The Tiny Homes Village at St. Mary is a modern twist on the area's heritage.

Here are 6 ways the Tiny Homes Village at St. Mary blends the old with the new:

  1. It's about nature: Visitors have always come to Montana to reap the benefits of time in the wilds. The Tiny Homes are environmentally-forward in design, including fresh water/gray water system and pint-sized, energy-efficient appliances. 
  2. Keeping it simple: Tiny Homes appeal to those interested in the minimalist lifestyle. They are unpretentious and clean in style. There's nothing stuffy, nothing frivolous.
  3. Smart and purposeful: The design of the Tiny Homes is about resourcefulness, a deep-held characteristic of Montana. Every object has its place, each square inch is optimized.
  4. Freedom and adventure: Visitors come to Glacier Park to spend time outside. They're efficient people motivated to get the most out of life, each and every day. It's a modern idea that celebrates the best of Glacier Park. But it's that same frontier spirit that has always been at the heart of Montana living.
  5. Location first: Not only is the design smart, the location of the Tiny Homes Village is just plain clever. You're on the doorstep of St. Mary Lake and the Going-to-the-Sun Road. What a view! Inside, the Tiny Homes are decorated with Montana-made items that also help celebrate this unique place.
  6. Contemporary yet old-fashioned: The Tiny Homes' detached bathhouses are luxurious but definitely have a camp feel. It's just like you're staying in a classic cabin from days gone by, but with the luxury of a jetted tub! Each tiny home sleeps up to four, with a regular queen bed, which has storage underneath instead of a box spring, and a trundle. They’re outfitted with a vaulted ceiling, closet, two-burner stove, coffee maker, microwave, portable sink, stackable chairs, foldable dining table, and bathhouse outbuilding.

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