Glacier Park Collection

"From the mountains of Montana to your home."

For the team at Montana Woodworks, these are words to live by. Each hand-crafted piece of log furniture made at their workshop brings authentic Montana charm to its new home; whether that's across the world, across the country or just down the road.

When the team at St. Mary Village was bringing the Tiny Home Village to life, they embraced the old adage that good things come in small packages. The village was designed to capture the essence of Montana in a tiny home. The best way to do that, the team felt, was to bring a bit of Big Sky Country inside.

Two people sit at a table in a sun-lit room.

"I found myself doing quite a bit of research to acquaint myself with the tiny home 'culture' and looking for creative ways to maximize our space," says Kelly Boehm, one of the project leads for Pursuit's Glacier Park Collection. In her search for quality furnishings, Kelly came across Montana Woodworks and knew they would be a perfect match. The team jumped at the chance to forge a new relationship with a local partner.

And this particular partner was about as local as they come. "Montana Woodworks was formed right here on the West Kootenai area of Rexford, Montana back in 1991," says Derrick Smith, Account Manager. "We were excited to work with Kelly and her team. It’s always special to work with folks from Montana."

A wooden-frame bed up against a wall with the sun shining into a room.

A table with three chairs underneath a sunny window.

Kelly and Derrick worked together to customize a cozy daybed with a hidden trundle bed, using three different wood stains to align with the color palettes of the Tiny Homes. The result was an inviting daybed that Kelly describes as having "substantial presence", despite not taking up substantial space.

After seeing the handiwork of the Montana Woodworks team, Kelly asked Derrick to custom build a Tiny Home-sized table from their traditional lodgepole pine product. "We use time-honored methods of construction such as mortise and tenon joinery," says Derrick. "Each piece is hand-crafted one at a time using only the highest quality materials."

The underside of a table shows the Montana Woodworks logo engraved.

Montana Woodworks, described as an environmentally-friendly log furniture company, harvests logs for its products from dead-standing timber only. "We are surrounded by 2.4 million acres of public forest lands that offer a good amount of standing dead timber," explains Derrick. "The lodgepole pine is harvested locally, often within ten miles of the factory."

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