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Whitefish’s annual Winter Carnival is the stuff of legends.

This (mostly) family-friendly tradition is packed full of quirky events, mythical legends and even princess-stealing yetis! Everything comes together for a full weekend of fun and mischief in downtown Whitefish.

Where did this Wacky Tradition Originate?

Enter, Ullr — Nordic god of winter activities. As his people began to explore the far corners of the world, Ullr became a character of distant memory.

Local legend has it that Ullr and his loyal subjects searched far and wide for a new home and eventually settled on Whitefish’s own Big Mountain. However, trouble soon came for Ullr when an unruly group of yetis attempted to kidnap his queen. Ullr defeated these enemies in an epic battle, winning back his queen and swearing to protect the valley for years to come.

To pay homage to their winter king, the people of Whitefish created the Winter Carnival — all hail Ullr!

A parade goes down a busy street in Whitefish, Montana. Snowy mountains in the distance.

This Year’s Celebration

In 2024, the Winter Carnival returns for its 65th anniversary with an under-the-big-top circus theme. Step right up and prepare for "The Greatest Show" in Whitefish from February 2 to 4, 2024.

Join in the festivities with some signature events, from the Penguin Plunge in Whitefish Lake to the Grand Parade downtown. Plus, plenty of breakfasts, dinners, parties and other festivities to celebrate the season in Whitefish. 

Get the Most from the Carnival

The Whitefish Winter Carnival embodies everything we love about the snowy season in the valley. This is one fun-filled weekend you won’t want to miss!  

Stay at Grouse Mountain Lodge, where a complimentary shuttle will take you within walking distance of all the downtown festivities. If you’re interested in seeing what these mountains are all about, book a Ski & Stay package and save up to 30% on a lift ticket to Whitefish Mountain Resort and a cozy room at Grouse Mountain Lodge.

The Whitefish Winter Carnival returns February 2 to 4, 2024. Check out the full list of events and more information at

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