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When Pursuit’s Grouse Mountain Lodge signed up for the Whitefish Trail’s Adopt-A-Trail program, they knew they’d be working outside. What they didn’t know was that they’d really be digging in — to the trail, to the fabric of their team and to what makes their community special.

“Happy Trails!” on the Whitefish Trail

Grouse Mountain Lodge, part of Pursuit’s Glacier Park Collection, is conveniently located on a 36-hole golf course that transforms into twelve thousand groomed nordic trails in the winter. And it’s right on the edge of town with easy access to an expanse of designated state and national forest land. When Brit Roys, assistant general manager of Grouse Mountain Lodge moved to the area, she was inspired to get to know her new backyard. The nearby Whitefish Trail network and its Adopt-A-Trail program seemed like the perfect fit for a team volunteer opportunity.

“Whitefish Legacy Partners, the managing organization of the trail system, made it easy for us to join,” said Alex Hopkins, general manager of Grouse Mountain Lodge. “After Brit found the program, we made contact and signed up right away. The staff is wonderful and their mission is one that everyone can get behind.”

Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives

Roys, who sits on their Promise to Place committee, was thrilled by the opportunity. Promise to Place is a commitment that guides Pursuit’s operations and is focused on three pillars — Stewardship, Respect and Community. "What a great way to get our team outside,” she said. “By working on the trail, we are able to get fresh air, do some meaningful work as a team and get to know each other in new ways.”

Hopkins agrees and notes the hidden benefits of the program. “Our team spends a lot of time working together at Grouse, but it was wonderful to do something different as a group. I chatted all day with folks on our team, and then later realized that we never talked about work! It’s so beneficial to take that mental break together. It prevents the tunnel vision that can sometimes happen in work relationships.”

“I thought we would just be picking up trash,” said Roys, “but they had us doing trail maintenance on an overgrown section that most of us had never seen before. It’s gorgeous and revealed how much beauty there is to explore right outside our door. It’s tough physical work and it’s awesome.”

Guests Check In and Check (It) Out

When asked why they engage in trail work as opposed to other types of community outreach, both Roys and Hopkins agree that the physical labor offered unexpected rewards. “Working with WLP helped us get to know each other, get to know our own backyard, and gain a new perspective on what our area has to offer for our guests,” says Roys.

“Guests are always asking for recommendations, and now we have a vested interest in sending them to the Whitefish Trail,” Hopkins agrees. “Creating the perfect guest experience is about more than just providing clean rooms and delicious meals. It’s about filling up their stays with memories made in nature.”

Trails Lead the Team Into the Future

Participating in the Adopt-A-Trail program requires at least two trail work sessions per year. In exchange for the hard work, a plaque is posted on the designated trail: the Beaver Lake fishing access site. “Most of our team members who participated have already expressed interest in doing it again. Once the snow melts, we’re excited to get back out there and continue our work from last fall,” says Roys.

“It’s great to see that everyone who participated will return. Our team is invested in our section, and we’re all excited to keep going,” adds Hopkins.

After just one session spent on the trail, the Grouse team continues to discover the benefits of their hard work. While rolling up their sleeves on just one section of the trail, they have seen the program’s wide impact. Adopting a trail benefits the trail users, it gives back to a hardworking community nonprofit, and it fortifies the team while they dig in the dirt.

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