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Montana's historic Glacier Park Lodge has major aesthetic appeal. There are majestic mountain views, a rich history, big crackling fireplaces, towering timberframes and superb dining. And then there are the gardens.

Stretching across the front of the lodge's stunning main entrance, six enormous flower beds reach the length of a football field and welcome visitors with impact. There are dozens of hanging baskets and window boxes dotted around the lodge, as well as a garden at the Amtrak station across from the lodge.

Flowers of Montana

Each section of the garden has it's own personality and evolves uniquely throughout the season. Some of the species include poppies, peonies, painted daisies and Columbine. From preparing the gardens in May to the driest months of the summer and on to the early frosts of fall, caring for the gardens is an always-on task. And there's the added challenge of being at 5,000 feet above sea level in a typically cold and dry Zone 3 environment (Zone 3 is defined as having winter temperatures as low as -30 °F [-34 °C] with a final frost date of May 15 and the first frost around September 15).

Flowerbed gardens stretch across a green lawn towards a large wooden lodge.

Glacier's historic gardens

They've been in place for more than 100 years, when guests first started journeying by train to East Glacier. Back in the early days of the lodge during the 1910s and 1920s, there were as many as 20 gardeners working here each summer. Today, it continues to be a labor of love for the team of dedicated gardeners at Glacier Park Lodge. After all, it may be the best job in the world.

Groups of guests are greeted at a hotel on a lawn.

The Garden Cottage

Glacier Park Lodge's sweet Garden Cottage is perhaps the best way to soak up the colorful vibrancy of the lodge's garden.

A colorful flowerbed in front of a wooden fence and cabin.

A quaint and cozy stand-alone cottage located across from the main lodge and surrounded by flowers, the Garden Cottage sometimes feels like it's from a fairy tale. Contact our team at Glacier Park Lodge to reserve it for your next visit!

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