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In a recent conversation with Pursuit’s Glacier Park Collection Director of Sales Kayla Hartley and Pacific Northwest Director of RevMax Angelina Luke, volunteerism and community engagement emerge as active examples of Promise to Place in action. Read on for a glimpse into what motivates them to be of service.

How would you describe Pursuit’s Promise to Place culture?

Hartley: I never hesitate to tell people what my favorite part about working for Pursuit is — it’s our Promise to Place. Service is a priority, and it’s modeled from the top down. From the President all the way to seasonal staff, everyone pitches in. It’s all hands on deck when something needs to be done.

Luke: Pursuit is committed to understanding the places in which we operate. Needs vary among all the communities, and our mission allows us to tailor our efforts to meet those specific needs.

Volunteers with the Columbia Falls Lions Club pose outdoors with their sign.

What was the road to getting involved with the Lions Club?

Hartley: We formed a committee to identify the areas of greatest need, and we found an article in the paper about how the Lions Club’s numbers were dwindling. We reached out right away.

Luke: We knew they needed some youthful energy and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring that to the fold.

Hartley: I became the youngest and only the second woman to serve as president. And Ange, with her strength in revenue, was a natural fit to serve as treasurer. It’s been incredibly rewarding to inject some new ideas, to cooperate with other nonprofits, and to modernize the ways that the Lions Club operates.

Luke: We got to work right away in this community where we raise our kids. We are living, working, and creating a legacy with everything we do. Volunteering requires an open heart and mind, and enjoying how you spend your time is essential. This is true for all our work, both in the Lions Club and Pursuit.

Volunteers stand at a hydration station at the end of a marathon run.

How does your board service strengthen the community?

Hartley: Through the Lions Club, we coordinate with Habitat for Humanity, Land to Hand, the Columbia Falls Food Bank, Toys for Tots, Plant a Seed Project, 4H, Coats for Kids, the Winter Carnival and many others. I am learning so much about balancing the mission, the politics, and the personalities of everyone I meet. At the same time, I’m improving my self-awareness and becoming a more effective leader in the nonprofit landscape.  

Luke: I have the chance to work with tons of people and organizations that are making this a better place to work and live. I am most proud of the vision screening that we do in local schools. And I’m focused on the Night of Lights parade, Heritage Days, Town Christmas Lights and Summer Concert Series in the Park. The Lions Club has really brought me out of my shell.

Columbia Falls Lions Club volunteers work a Food Bank donation table.

What excites you about the future?

Hartley: I’m truly inspired by this work. Understanding how nonprofits function has opened my eyes to new opportunities. Volunteering enriches the community where my family lives, works and plays every day. Oh, and I won’t stop until Columbia Falls has a dog park!

Luke: I agree. Being part of the Lions Club has revealed how much untapped talent exists in this community. I am more aware of what this town needs and I’m confident we have what it takes to meet those needs.

As the conversation wrapped up, Hartley and Luke chatted about the upcoming holiday staff party. They talked about the casually competitive Toys for Tots toy drive and who would bring in the biggest haul for the kids. Even after hours, the people of Pursuit demonstrate a sincere and selfless commitment to Promise to Place.

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