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Glacier Raft Company and Glacier Anglers & Outfitters guests are often curious if they should tip their river guides. Though we don’t have a formal tipping policy, your guides will certainly appreciate it.

Just like restaurant servers, hairdressers, hotel employees and other service industry professionals, tips help our guides earn a comfortable living while providing you the best experience possible.

Our whitewater rafting and fly fishing guides are highly trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. And guides do a whole lot more than just get you down the river. They are storytellers, history buffs, animal and plant experts, comedians, emergency responders, recreation professionals... and some even cook for you! If you feel like your guide did a great job, gratuity is a perfect way to show your gratitude.

Guidelines to Tipping your River Guide: 

  • You can give cash directly to your guide or use the envelopes provided in our office to leave cash and a personal note.
  • If you don’t have cash but still want to tip your guide, checks or credit card tips also work. Just talk to one of the members from our reservations team, who will be happy to help you.
  • For overnight trips, you can tip guides individually, or give a tip to the trip leader who will divvy it up among all the other guides.
  • The accepted service industry standard is between 10–20% of the total trip cost.

However and whatever amount you decide is appropriate, your raft guide(s) will truly appreciate it!

And don’t forget the tip that keeps on giving — recommend your guide to your friends and family. Guides at Glacier Anglers & Outfitters and Glacier Raft Company who get special requests know for sure that their expertise is appreciated.

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