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Find a great deal with our selection of AIRE rafts for sale. Glacier Raft Company has trusted AIRE rafts and NRS equipment to help guide their guest safely down the wild and scenic Flathead River for many years. As your local Montana Flathead regional dealer, our experts are here to help you pick out the best raft for your needs.

New AIRE rafts come with a 10-year warranty. Their AIREcell system is puncture resistant with low pressure for increased durability. Every seam is thermal welded, which means no glue is used. All AIRE rafts are made in the U.S.A.

SALE! New AIRE rafts are now in stock! We have a variety to choose from. Stop by the Glacier Anglers & Outfitters at Paddle Ridge or fill out the contact form below and one of our team members will reach out to you!

Fishing Rafts

Set up with a fishing frame, anglers can take advantage of the excellent maneuverability and responsiveness for fishing on any kind of water.

If you are looking for a raft to accommodate gear, but still want a fast, sporty paddle boat, the Super Duper Puma is the perfect fit.

Our fishing rafts can accommodate three anglers when outfitted with a fishing frame. This versatile raft can slip into hard to reach fishing holes and is the most maneuverable 14′ boat we sell.

Key Features:

  • Favorite rivers: Fishing rivers and technical water.
  • Ideal for: Up to a seven-person paddle team and multi-day rowing/fishing expeditions.
  • Narrow beam for a fast, sporty ride.
  • Quick self-bailing lace-in floor.
  • 37 oz. double lacquer gray PVC on the raft bottom for extra resistance to abrasion.

Family/Overnight Rafts

The perfect all-around choice for paddle teams, our AIRE 14’ class of rafts offer excellent maneuverability in challenging conditions. Also suitable for outfitting with an oar frame for extended trips.

Key Features:

  • Favorite rivers: Medium volume rivers with fun technical rapids.
  • Ideal for: Up to a seven-person paddle team and multi-day rowing trips.
  • Excellent design with an emphasis on maneuverability.
  • Quick, self-bailing lace-in floor.
  • Add up to three strap-in thwarts anywhere along with the floor lacing for paddle teams.
  • 37 oz. double lacquer gray PVC on the chafe strip and raft bottom for extra resistance to abrasion.
  • Great all around rafts to take on any river.

Inflatable Kayaks

AIRE offers high-performance, tough, all-season inflatable kayaks designed for everything from playing on whitewater to multi-day packrafting excursions. The array of different models offers options for different skill levels and uses. From single paddlers to tandem explorers to those who just want the extra room to haul some overnight gear, AIRE has the right kayak for you.

Key Features:

  • Favorite rivers: High volume rivers or any river you are comfortable kayaking.
  • Ideal for: Adventurous day outings or packing in gear for overnight river trips.
  • Bow and stern D-rings.
  • Bow and stern handles.
  • 12 sets of cargo loops.
  • Two low profile grab handles installed between the tube and bottom of the floor to easily flip the kayak upright if it becomes capsized.
  • Self-bailing double mesh drain holes to keep debris out of the floor pocket.

Frames and Accessories

Besides the boat itself, the frame is obviously the most essential piece of equipment for a raft hauling a lot of gear. As with boats, there are many frame options in terms of style, function, quality, and performance.

Modular frames, like the ones NRS builds, allow you to move your seat bars, cross bars, and oar mounts. This allows you to adapt the frame setup from play boat to gear boat with very little effort. Modular frames are also easily broken down for transporting or storing.

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