Waiting for the White Stuff: How to keep busy while you wait for ski season to start

Oct 12, 2017
We'll admit it - we're counting down the days. December 7 is the tentative opening day at the "Big Mountain", Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish is one heck of a great ski town, for so many reasons. This is the time of the year we all come together in our attempt to be patient as we await the white stuff. 
Here are some ideas on getting your ski stoke on while you wait:
Work out: If you want to charge on the slopes this season, you've got to put in the time to get ready. Build your strength and stamina now and you'll avoid injury and be set up for givin' 'er all season long. Squats and lunges are a good place to start. Work on your core, quads and hamstrings - and don't forget to stretch! 
Garage switch-up: It's almost time for the annual garage gear swap - when you move the bikes to the back and the boards to the front. Making that momentous move takes weeks of deliberation. After all, you don't want to do it too early! Give yourself plenty of time to contemplate and discuss with neighbors. And then sketch out the step-by-step process and be ready to pull the plug.  
Feet first: Nothing's worse than sore or cramped feet. Make sure you've got the right ski or snowboard boots and spend some time in them before you hit the slopes to work them in and soften them up. Even if you've worn them for years, the first few days can be really stiff.  

Pre-Ski Season Whitefish
Gear up: Go shopping! There's always new gear each season, and it's so much fun stuff to check stuff out. You don't always need a big-ticket item like a new set of boards. There's the lower end of the spectrum stuff - goggles, socks, toques, mitts. Or comb used gear and go to ski-swaps, like the annual one at the Wave in Whitefish. 
Book early: They say a vacation starts the moment you book it. Now's the time to lock-in to your winter Whitefish getaway at Grouse Mountain Lodge. Rates are better if you book earlier, and you can officially start the countdown right now!  
Pray for snow: Do a snow dance, a crazy blizzard dance, rub your Snow Buddha's belly, offer up anything you've got to ULLR, the Norse god of snow - whatever feels right for you! It's all helpful. 
Whitefish Skiing

Catch some "ski porn":
Ski films just keep getting better and better. Each fall, a new crop of mind-blowing footage and ground-breaking stories are released to the Universe and skiers go nuts. It sure helps pass the time. Check out the latest from the DPS Shadow Campaign or the big-guns at TGR. The venerable and stoke-heavy Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to Kalispell Nov 14-15. 
Wax, sharpen, repeat: Make them smooth, make them sharp, make them smoother and then sharper. This process can keep you busy for at least a month! 
Weather nerd: Skiers and snowboarders are a bit obsessive about weather. Either you're already addicted to the daily reports like On the Snow or Intellicast, or you will be soon. Another option is to follow social media feeds from your favorite ski resort like Whitefish

Whitefish Travel Deal: Ski & Stay at Grouse Mountain Lodge for just $89 per person per night when you book by November 30!
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